I thought I'd share with the gang, a little history/background of my part
in the Five Star Operators Club. I've included photos of me and Bill Eitel
presenting the award, W2KFA Gene Lombardi and I (yeah long hair, dark
glasses and red tie), and the letter I received when I became a member.
I mentioned the K4KN keyboard in another discussion with photo, that
I used to get to 80 wpm. At the time, I had plenty of free time, I was trying
to earn a living as a rock musician, so I was working half the time. But I
spent many evenings on 7030 with Gene K4KHT and Gene W2KFA working
to get to 80 wpm. W2KFA made a tape and sent it to Bill Eitel for proof.

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Very interesting Thom !
Thank you for sharing some excellent QRQcw history with us.
Wonder if there are any old tapes of any of those 5 STAR QSO's that anyone has recorded ?
IT would be great to convert them to mp3s and store them on here for everyone to hear.
Hi, Thom!
This is an amazing achievement.
I like the 5star certificate. I don't think, that that many people became
a member of 5star after you :-)
I also, enjoyed the qso with you and Chuck on icw.
You guy's are great! at QRQCW.
Hopefully :-) i will manage to connect my paddle to pc soon,
so i can able to have ragchew with you guy's again.
Keep up the good work there Thom :-)

73 de Imi HA7AP
Nice to preserve some QRQ historical documents of the earliest days of QRQ CW !!!


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