Our Ning website host has raised their fees.

Ning has just sent me an email stating that our website fee will increase to $588 per year for our next bill due on 8-1-2017.  

However, after subtracting the paypal fees per donation: we will need to receive about $605 in order to be able to fully pay the next bill. 


"How much does paypal charge for donations?
You pay only 2.9% + $0.30 USDper transaction (for example, on a $100 donation, you pay a $3.20 fee)."
Does anyone know of a benefactor or some kind of ham radio company that might be willing to sponsor us ?  
THANKS for any thoughts on this matter...
NOTE:  this website will have to close operations if we can not find some renewing source of funding for the next pay period and for thereafter.  We have until JUNE 1, 2017. 
QRQcw website manager

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I would hate to see the site go down. I enjoy rummaging around the old threads and looking at the pictures. . Maybe we could set up a Yahoo or Google group and archive some of the stories and pictures on this site. Everyone is used to getting stuff free on the Internet. I suspect it will be hard to come up with donations to cover the new charges. Any other ideas out there?

Joe W3GW

Hi Joe,

I wonder if the guys over at CW OP's would pitch as this site has many cw op's on the list after all we don't discuss anything else apart from Morse code on here do we,

All the best Rich G4FAD CW OP's #547 

To cover the costs without burdening a few individuals would require 20 to 30 donors giving 20 to 30 bucks each. I would be surprised if we could find this many like minded denizens of this site. Maybe now would be a good time to archive everything on this site, put it on a flashdrive or a CD, and make it available at nominal cost to anyone who would like to be able to rummage around the site's threads in the future (me for one). Then we would not lose the contents of this site if we moved to a Yahoo or Google group. Can you archive stuff on Yahoo and Google groups? Looks like we should start planning now for alternatives to this site.

Joe W3GW

Chuck - I'd kick in $100 toward the fee, however it appears that you have taken down the donation link on the QRQ homepage. Surely there must be others in the QRQ community who can manage to donate a few $.  If many people kick in, the financial burden on the individual members would be minimal.  Is it possible to do a bulk mailing to all members of this group explaining the situation and asking for some help with the funding?  I know that I may go a month or more between stops at this forum, and I suspect others may not be aware of the issue.  73  Jim KA0IQT

Thanks for your input Jim, Joe and Rich...

...currently, there is a ham radio op who is taking a look at our website features and functions...etc... with the hope that maybe we can just migrate our QRQcw website over to his web server in total,  with no future fees to incur if we can operate our website on his server.   It will take some time to determine how well this might go...

so.....i will give more future updates as to the status of this...when there is something new to report...

Thanks again everyone for your help on this...




Hi Chuck,

This is great news I would hate to lose such a valuable resource as this one is,I really enjoy listening to the live QRQ practice and reading  up about fast Morse. Lets hope we can resolve this issue and get  a site sorted out soon,

Vy 73 Rich G4FAD.. 


Please consider making a donation today to help us pay for this website and keep QRQcw alive and growing

We have received  $35 of the $250 needed for the Ning website fee due 8-1-2018



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