I received a nice package in the mail today from K6KX containing a set of keys.  The price is not cheap ($99) but they are the best feeling keys I have ever used.  They come with two cables, either of which can plug into the back of the keys.  One is a normal USB to USB cable.  The other is USB to PS-2.

I have not connected it to a USB host yet, but I used it with my PS-2 keyer / kbd for over an hour this afternoon at 67 wpm.  This is definitely at my upper end.  I believe I can tell a distinct improvement in my error rate.

The key caps have excellent spacing between edges so I am less likely to accidentally hit two keys together.

The keys are mechanical using Cherry switches.  They have excellent tactile feedback and plenty audible feedback.

RK-9000 info

They are available from Rosewill through Amazon.

They are also the first set of keys I have had where the output cable plugs in.  No big deal, but kind of nice.  The dual format (PS-2 / USB) is handy also.  All of my kbds currently are PS-2, but I am working on one that uses a small embedded Linux board that will work with USB keys if it ever reaches the stage of being ready for use on the air.


Chuck, W5UXH


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I got one for Christmas, but I had to pay Amazon $79 for it. Nice feel...Joe W3GW

Still better than the $99.  I could not pass up that price I got, so I now have a lifetime stock (3 total now).


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