I read that Fred Ryan, W3NJZ, wrote an article for the Keynote, issue 3, 2004, entitled 'Sending High Speed Code'. Any chance Fred could post a copy for us?

Joe KH6/W3GW

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HI Joe
I think that article is already on the site:


it is about half way down the page...
let me know if that is not the one you were looking for
Thanks Chuck.That must be it.

I am patiently waiting for the sunspots to pick up. Kinda quiet out here on Maui!

I have been spending my time, during the sunspot low, working on my code speed. I have noticed one thing that, I believe, you and others have mentioned on the site. There seems to be a plateau between 50 and 60 wpm. I suspect this plateau is the result of our having to learn 'word sounds'. I was doing well with 40 wpm and decided to increase Rufz to 60 wpm in an attempt to avoid the 50 to 60 wpm plateau. Well, I didn't make much progress. I dropped the Rufz speed to 50 wpm and made progress daily. Trying to skip a plateau didn't work for me! There doesn't seem to be a substitute for patience, practice, and slow progress.

Joe KH6/W3GW
Joe. When you load those common words into the RUFZ, You will notice that some words probably will never show up in a QRQ QSO. You can substitute words likely to be in QSOs for those odd words in the list. Words like, doctor, antenna, keyboard etc.
Bob, That is an excellent idea !
I wonder if we can find a ready made list of the top HAM RADIO words in the format for RUFz ...
we can add that list to the RUFz section of the site for download ...
Here is a short video on how to use the FREE PROGRAM AUTOHOTKEY
to remap certain keys on your keyboard for faster QRQcw typing:



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