Useful Software for Amateur Radio from FabulaTech

Useful Software for Amateur Radio from FabulaTech

FABULATECH is now offering the HAM RADIO COMMUNITY a very special offer.  If you are an official HAM RADIO OPERATOR with an OFFICIAL HAM RADIO LICENSE, any where in the world, you may request a license key for any of their products listed below for $5.00 each, and a repeating charge of $5.00 once a year after the first year has expired, to renew your FabulaTech license each year afterwards.  Please include an  explanation of how you plan on using their products for HAM RADIO operations, Please also add a post here in this article to help support FabulaTech by commenting about how useful FabulaTech has been in your HAM RADIO setups.

 please contact:

with an email request and include a copy/scan/picture of your current official ham radio license.

There are many uses for virtual serial ports for HAM RADIO, here are just a couple:

1.  Virtual Serial Port Splitter - see  HERE

2.  Create Virtual Serial Port Pairs - see  HERE

- The following videos will demonstrate these 2 uses -

1.   using multiple instances of dahdidah's software cw keyer,  to enable you to connect,  with your own cw keyers,  a straight key, bug, cw keyboard, and an iambic paddle, all at the same time, to your computer


2.  without using any cw keyers, be able to hook up directly to the serial port itself, your iambic cw paddles, and a second iambic paddle to emulate a bug - connections are made directly to certain serial port pins of the "real" hardware serial port.


3.  how to add a software cw keyboard to the rest of the morse code instruments that you have already hooked up to your morse code computer station,  by using the methods shown in the videos above, and now by creating a virtual serial port pair,  also be able to send cw on a program like CWTERM or CWtype.


FABULATECH has many other software programs of interest to HAM RADIO.



Virtual Serial Port Kit

Virtual Serial Port

Virtual Serial Port Kit -

create virtual serial ports connected via a virtual null-modem cable.

Serial Port Splitter

COM Port Splitter

Serial Port Splitter -

share dataflow of one serial port among several applications.

Network Serial Port Kit

COM Port over Ethernet

Network Serial Port Kit -

access remote serial devices over local network or the Internet.

USB over Network

USB over Ethernet

USB over Network -

share and access USB devices over local network or the Internet.


FROM one of the FABULATECH.COM admins: is some interesting information about the FabulTech company:

FabulaTech LLP is the United Kingdom company registered at the following address:
124 Baker Street, London, W1U 6TY, UK. Starting from 2000 our team grew from several people
to about 30.

FabulaTech LLP is a privately owned company started in 2000 as a group of system software
developers offering custom system solutions. Specializing in serial port virtualization,
FabulaTech launched Virtual Serial Port product range in 2004-2005. Virtual Serial Port
products we offer now allow you to virtualize serial ports in different environments and
combinations (splitting, redirecting over a network, emulation and control via an SDK and so on).

In 2005, due to a high demand, FabulaTech released the-first-on-the-market software solution
for USB redirection - "USB over Network". It was mentioned in the news as a "USB Revolution
Solution". "USB over Network" became a basis for "USB for Remote Desktop" product. At that time
there were no solutions offering a technology of USB redirection in the remote desktop environment,
VDI and over the network. Thereby FabulaTech can be named as a pioneer in this field.

In 2008 FabulaTech launched Linux and Windows Mobile/Windows CE versions of USB virtualization

During the last four years we have worked to bring a high level device redirection solutions
to the market, allowing redirection of the specific types of devices (printers, scanners, webcams,
audio devices etc). These products provide a secure and separate access to the devices by isolating
them from other users within their individual remote sessions. We continue to develop new products
for the high level redirection of the specific devices. The last ones were Webcam for Remote Desktop and Scanner for Remote Desktop. There are a few projects we're working on right now and we're going to present them to the public very soon. For now it's a secret :-)

We're constantly increasing the number of platforms our solutions can work with. A lot of vendors
of embedded hardware are very interested in having the opportunity to integrate our redirection
functionality into their environments. We provide a comprehensive assistance to our customers and
we're known as "the fastest support" in comparison with our competitors. We're also very flexible
in modification/customization of our products depending on our customers' demand. All these,
in addition to a 12-year software development and solution support experience, make FabulaTech
the number one company in the industry.

I began with FabulaTech as a Support Manager in 2008. A few months later I was offered
the opportunity to work as a Head of Support. In 2009 our support department was divided
into two separate depts, sales and support, and I was appointed as a Head of Sales.
Currently, I work as a Product Manager.

Indeed, our products provide a high level of stability and efficiently solve unique tasks for thousands
of users. As for the virtual serial port solutions, they have been improved for years and we can't recall
when we had bugs with them. This is the result of a long-term cooperation with our customers.

[QUESTION I asked FabulTech in an email]
...what things would you like the HAM RADIO COMMUNITY to do to help FABULATECH with their products ?

... They can post the
[[FABULATECH] links on their websites,  like you did,  make videos and include the links to our products there...


Best regards,
Product Manager
FabulaTech LLP
Phone (UK): +44 (0)151 324-3249
Phone (US): +1 (302) 250-4477
Fax (US):   +1 (877) 350-0994
Skype: fabulatech
Live Support Chat:
Follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page.

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