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QRQ CW @ 120 wpm on the VLF BAND - RX on QUISK SDR + 2 Gstreamer Bandpass Filters to help

brief demo of picking up a QRQ CW signal on the VLF BAND @ 12 Khz, using this VLF RX - bi-coil Ferrite Mass Antenna(FMA) -

in this demo, 2 specialized Gstreamer bandpass scripts are used:

1. one to match the VLF BANDWIDTH of QUISK SDR

2. another one to filter…


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CW Copy Practice using a CW MIDI file & a variable speed MIDI player with The AD5DZ CW Keyer

brief demo using REAPER as a variable sped CW MIDI FILE PLAYER ...sending a text file that has been converted to a CW MIDI file by a CW TEXT to MIDI converter like Morse Midi or ehoCW

the VARIABLE SPEED on REAPER is excellent and the timing is very accurate at any speed you dial in

the AD5DZ CW KEYER has many CW parameter adjustments,…


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QSO QRQ CW using 17 Khz CW VLF RF over ip by a Gstreamer OPUS CODEC script to a Remote VLF TX antenna

Experimental Morse Code QRQ CW setup over ip to send VLF RF CW at 17Khz using the OPUS AUDIO CODEC - to a remote TRANSMIT ANTENNA located at the other OP's QTH... the other OP receives the VLF TX RF using a small FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL antenna hooked directly to their PC Mic or Line, soundcard input

the 17Khz CW TX/RX by the…


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QUISK SDR APP for CW QSO on MUMBLE iCW Server - CW at 10 Khz VLF RF over IP - several advantages

the QUISK SDR APP provides several useful functions for conducting CW QSO's over ip at VLF RF(10Khz) on the iCW MUMBLE SERVER:

1. QUISK has Tx/Rx RIT - you can…


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QRQ CW on The Dreamer's Band - VLF(sub 9 Khz) - LIVE demo

brief demo to test 7.373 Khz QRQ CW Transmit/Receive

on the VLF "Dreamer's" BAND:



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QRQ CW Copy by Ear Practice - 11 CW Signals - speeds from 61 - 81 wpm - use an SDR APP to choose & listen

There are 11 CW signals to choose from,

each one at a different speed from 61 wpm to 81 wpm.

Use your own SDR APP on your own PC to scan each signal and choose the speed you would like to use for COPY BY EAR practice.

Use a Virtual audio cable as the YouTube browser playback device and set your SDR input to use the same…


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