After bringing together EhoCW, VoiceMeeter Banana and Mumble, I built an interface for my paddles using the following:

1 - Sewell USB-Serial Adapter (I had this on hand, a similar one is available on Amazon)

1 - 3.5mm Stereo Female Terminal Block panel mount connector

 1 - DE-9 (DB-9) RS232 Female Soccket Connector to Terminal Block

Using the above it was trivial to create a patch cable for my various paddles. The connectors came in 2 packs, so I'm going to make one for my straight keys as well. Dit -> tip (pin 6), Dah -> Ring (pin 8) and Common -> Sleeve (pin 4).  For Straight keys, pin 4 and pin 6.

Working very well, loopback works well. Looks like I'm all set!

73 de Mark KD8EDC

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on June 5, 2018 at 8:32pm

Hi Mark,

i really like Sonics Audio great on 2 of my windows computers here...

ok on the doing theTEAMVIEWER session...I did not get an alert that you had commented... so - glad i took a look here on the website this evening...

...could you please email me via my QRZ email address and we can continue our discussion and planning via our emails... instead of here on the website...

thanks Mark




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