Hi Joe, excellent website. Tried to start something in Yahoo groups, no takers yet. Tried to interest Nancy over at FISTS in a QRQ group withing FISTS, that did not go over well. She said FOG was a qrq group.
I am old CFO'er along with W2UP an d W9TO.
CFO group was sarcastic tongue-in-cheek kind of group. FISTS buddy-buddy nice guy group.
Hope to be hearing from you or work you on 7030. I will dissolve the mirror site on Yahoo if no takers in a week.
All the best,
John K3MD

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Welcome aboard John. Chuck AA0HW has set up a nice website for us. I have been following Chucks advice on ways to improve my code speed so I will be able to try my hand on Qrq when sunspots pick up. I live on Maui so everyone is DX!. I have really enjoyed Chuck's video on this Website called RufzWORDS where he describes how to use the Rufz program and 3000 common words list to work on speed. It has been a great help to me. Aloha.... Joe KH6/W3GW


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