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QRQ CW test sending 80 wpm over the internet using a free open source VOIP app called GLAZE

GLAZE is a very simple p2p audio app for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX that lets you easily create a voice chat room, call it whatever you like and you can have your fellow Morse Code OPS join you on GLAZE with just the name of the room. - no subscription passwords...just the name of the room, and then type in any user name you…


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Morse code online CW NET - experimental multi CW OP conference setup using MUMBLE

this video demo's 3 cw ops transmitting over MUMBLE, in the same channel, on iCW at the same time and yet on the receive side, each op's individual audio stream is able to be controlled using this experimental setup using all free software.


3 different cw ops are sending at different speeds and different pitches…


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QRQ CW - G729 vs iLBC(audio over ip codecs) - low bitrate performance test for morse code

2 low bitrate codecs are compared for how well they sound transmitting CW AUDIO TONES over the internet(FLdigi)...and then how well they do when their original low bitrate cw audio is regenerated using all free software vst plugins

here is a snapshot comparing the original waveforms of the 2 low bitrate codecs:…


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QRQ CW - MORSE CODE Regeneration software - Live Demo

This video demonstrates an A/B comparison of transmitting morse code audio tones over the internet using a NINJAM SERVER, where the CW audio quality is usually poor, with lots of pops and clicks...however, if you use the original audio from the output of the NINJAM CLIENT, and divert it first to a software APPLICATION in order to regenerate the…


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QRQ CW TRAINING - with a variable speed Morse Code midi file player setup

This video demo's how to create a TEXT TO MORSE CODE MIDI FILE - to use for training in QRQ CW COPY. REAPER is the main APP for playing the morse code midi file. This method allows you to choose the CW PITCH, the VOLUME, the SPEED, THE RISE and FALL TIMES of the CW EDGES.. Some more advantages of using a MIDI FILE instead of an audio file for…


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K7FJ - CW Morse Code KEYBOARD APP - CWMaestro - live demo

CWMaestro - A morse code cw sending keyboard program written for the DOS operating system decades ago...still working by using the DOSBOX program which has versions for windows, linux and mac. This keyboard software also has a logging program and adjustable cw timing settings, hot key creator, custom messages...etc...

CWMaestro is a…


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Remote Control of an Elecraft K3S for CW mode - using a Raspberry Pi

40 METER LIVE CW QSO with W2XB using this remote setup:

the remote site where the remote op is located, is a WINDOWS 10 computer, over the internet, connecting to the K3S Elecraft's Raspberry Pi hardware/software interface via Tight VNC viewer and JackTrip(audio). The audio from and to the K3S, is achieved in low latency using JACKTRIP(has…


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Raspberry Pi(or LINUX) - A complete morse code cw station - using free software


- cw keyboard is from FLdigi :

once built and compiled, the Recri Keyer software will allow both STRAIGHT KEY and IAMBIC KEYER at the same time via a USB MIDI DEVICE(s)…


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Raspberry Pi experimental setup to control an Elecraft K3s remotely(LAN or WAN) - live demo

Using a Raspberry Pi hardware/software interface connected to an Elecraft K3S rig, this video live demo's how it works to use the RazPi remote config to connect to the K3S over a remote ip location from another computer in real time... and receive and transmit cw and ssb.(i was able to qso cw with W8ACM for this demo)

Basic Setup…


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Setup a MORSE CODE LAN PARTY for your cw trainees - using QmidiNET, Linux Native Reaper & a Raspberry Pi

An experimental setup simulation for a RASPBERRY Pi LAN PARTY using 6 Raspberry Pi cw ops - all connected to the Ethernet switch/router local area network...sending and receiving morse code MIDI DATA to each other, using QmidiNet with LINUX NATIVE REAPER providing all the morse code software to convert cw audio to midi messages for transmit, and…


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Key a Raspberry Pi - sine wave code practice oscillator - with your CW KEYER - just like a RIG

The Raspberry Pi is first setup as a code practice oscillator using LINUX NATIVE REAPER and its own plugins. Then using a circuit similar to this: , a 555 timer chip is keyed by a FET optoisolator that connects to a CW KEYER's key-RIG OUTPUT jack. In this video a…


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Unique iambic morse code keyer using the Jack Audio Connection Kit - software designed by AD5DZ

From: and

a free open source LINUX iambic morse code keyer designed by AD5DZ.

CONCEPT: activate 2 different MIDI NOTE MESSAGES by an external MIDI DEVICE connected…


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Mechanical Switch Debounce software setup for your morse code keys, bugs & paddles, using LINUX NATIVE REAPER

With a morse code practice oscillator and a morse code hardware mechanical straight key - TAPPING THE KEY, and sending an audio tone into the MIC JACK INPUT, this video demo's the typical mechanical switch bouncing that takes place and causes breaks/gaps in the audio tone output...and then it shows a very effective LINUX NATIVE REAPER…


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Ubuntu Morse Code APP - IAMBIC & STRAIGHT KEY, CW KEYER - by AD5DZ - live demo

Demo of the Recri iambic software cw iambic keyer for LINUX working on a Mint 17.3 i7 quad core 64 bit LINUX laptop:

Midi Notes ZERO and ONE are being used to key the dits and the using the letters S and Z on the laptop keyboard(usingVMPK)...however, there…


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Raspberry PI software setup to key CW on an Elecraft K3 - recorded "LIVE" - CW QSO on 40 meters

This video highlights some of the top capabilities of the Raspberry PI 2b, to send a seperate LEFT and RIGHT channel audio signal to 2 different audio derived cw keying circuits in order to KEY the Elecraft K3's CW JACK for STRAIGHT KEY and IAMBIC PADDLES and to KEY the Elecraft's PTT & CW jacks in sequence when operating cw keyboard with…


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Morse Code Software Regeneration : Linear verses Exponential keying test

Morse code software regeneration of a previously recorded wave file of a QRQcw qso over iCW.(

The VST PLUGIN doing the…


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Complete Ubuntu Morse Code CW STATION setup - CW Keyboard, Paddles, and Straight Key

Using Linux software , a CW KEYER, iambic paddles, and a straight key are demo'd in this video...all morse code instruments are ready to send cw at any time in "near zero" low latency so there is no lag felt when keying any of these virtual Linux software morse code generators with your actual hardware iambic paddles, or straight key...



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Extreme QRQ CW sending(keying) with the ELECRAFT K3 - 200 wpm with incredible accuracy and performance

Using LINUX MINT 17.3 and some free DSP AUDIO LV2 Linux is possible to get better cw keying on your Elecraft K3 and more versatility by bringing in the ability to use your ST KEY and IAMBIC PADDLES ... while preserving fast QSK full break in.

This is done by using AFCW A2 CW MODE and injecting a CW AUDIO TONE into the…


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Make your own high performance QRQ CW KEYBOARD with the RASPBERRY PI

This video demo's a Raspberry Pi being setup as a high performance morse code cw keyboard that keys a rig with just the analogue audio output sound card of the pi...where the pi's audio output goes to 2 individual audio derived cw keying circuits which in tandem key both the PTT first on the K3 and then the CW JACK on the…


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QRQ CW on the Raspberry PI - demo of WA0EIR's QRQ CW KEYBOARD app - TWQRQ

Brief demo of TWQRQ(by WA0EIR), running on a Raspberry PI2b

- qrq cw sent at 75 wpm, text is from w4bqf's famous article:

for more info and to request the latest beta version of TWQRQ please write…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on November 14, 2016 at 11:55am — 1 Comment

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