Near Zero Latency Performance for the HASAK CW KEYER/CW KEYBOARD

testing the HASAK CW KEYER for low latency performance running JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT at  48K sample rate at 2 periods of 144 buffer frames

the CW KEYER from the time you hit the paddle until you hear the sidetone, while listening to the HASAK USB SOUND CARD inside JACK CONNECTION BAY

          is only 8 ms

(green wave is the original cw note from the cw keyer itself, and the RED WAVE is the hasak usb sound card's cw output from the cw keyer)

the HASAK CW KEYBOARD delay is only 27ms from the time you type the letter "e" until you hear the sidetone from the HASAK CW KEYER's USB SOUND CARD

NOTE: this method uses the native laptop sound card sending 6Khz cw tones to an audio derived cw keying circuit that keys the hasak cw keyer's straight key teensy pins...  so there will be slightly more ms delay

NOTE:  the delay is even much less if you are listening via the TEENSY's PINs 10/12/ground via speakers or headphones from the PWM "coded in" sound card output from those HASAK CW KEYER teensy pins  

for more info on the HASAK CW KEYER please see these links ;

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