I saw something in here awhile ago, and it mentioned the K4KN keyboard, and
I just happen to have one. Hopefully the attached picture will work. This was my
first keyboard and it sold for around $200 back around 1973ish. It has a one
character buffer and no space bar. However, after many hours of practice
and many QSO's on 40 meters with some of the best QRQ guys, I was able to
make it to the Five Star Club with this beast!
Ah, great memories of those many nights fighting QRM from Europe and band
conditions to QRQ with W2KFA and K4KHT. Of course, others joined us too. Wish
I could find that log book now! Attached is a photo of it (yes, it still works).

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Excellent Picture Thom !
and very interesting story...
I'm amazed how fast you can type on this kind of keyboard !!


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