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TWQRQ : A new software cw keyboard from WA0EIR

WA0EIR has released a beta version of his new software cw keyboard for LINUX called  TWQRQ.

  Here is a short demo of TWQRQ sending a qrq cw file at 75 wpm.

- demo of WA0EIR's new beta software cw keyboard for LINUX - sending a qrq cw file…


Posted by Chuck aa0hw on May 16, 2016 at 2:00pm

10 Free PCB Design Software

FROM: http://www.smashingapps.com/2016/04/01/10-free-pcb-design-software.html

"In this assortment...are...some[of the] best and free PCB design software..."

SEE LINK ABOVE for the full article



Posted by Chuck aa0hw on April 30, 2016 at 5:00am

Ultra PicoKeyer : tips for connecting it to your computer sound card




Posted by Chuck aa0hw on April 8, 2016 at 10:00am — 5 Comments

Free open source AUDIO REPEATER app

Nice little app; free;  lets you take audio from one sound card and send it to another sound card - with adjustable sample rate and buffer size



Posted by Chuck aa0hw on February 19, 2016 at 8:23am



Please feel free to start any QRQcw topics or leave comments for the discussions already posted. You may also load pictures or videos relating to qrq cw operations. Thank you for your contributions.


DJ1YFK: FABIAN's famous high speed cw training program called "qrq" now has a windows version !  - see forum discussion below -

Fabian's qrq program is the best of the best when trying to train for copying qrq cw. Using the unique features of this program to train for copying "whole word sounds" is absolutely an essential part of a qrq cw training regime ! 

NOTE:  see the article in the  forum posted below for more information


Click on the N3ZN picture below to go to the N3ZNkeys.com website so you can see all of his latest cw keys

Useful Software for Amateur Radio from FabulaTech:

Virtual Serial Port Kit

Virtual Serial Port

Virtual Serial Port Kit -

create virtual serial ports connected via a virtual null-modem cable.

Serial Port Splitter

COM Port Splitter

Serial Port Splitter -

share dataflow of one serial port among several applications.

Network Serial Port Kit

COM Port over Ethernet

Network Serial Port Kit -

access remote serial devices over local network or the Internet.

USB over Network

USB over Ethernet

USB over Network -

share and access USB devices over local network or the Internet.


CONTACT:  sales@fabulatech.com

NOTE: A special provision has been made available by FABULTECH to official ham radio operators.  See this article for more details about this incredible offer:


FREE webRTC APP - for morse code qso with up to 8 cw ops - just using your browser

Invite a friend(s) to join you at this link and have a morse code qso with them

All you have to do is produce a nice sidetone, and run an audio cable from it to the MIC INPUT or LINE INPUT of your soundcard.  

When you click on this link it will ask your permission to use your MIC, say YES and start sending morse


iCW - 2012 - How to send morse code over the internet on WINDOWS 7 : THE BASIC SETUP


Using Mumble( open source skype like voip program )and FLdigi to communicate morse code over the internet. LIVE RECORDING from 2009. [ Missouri to Michigan internet path ]

SETUP: using a virtual audio cable, we connect the output of FLDIGI to the input of MUMBLE. We both connect to a MUMBLE SERVER and instead of using MICROPHONES, we send morse code audio tones at high quality, high fidelity, and low latency, to each other. The audio is FULL DUPLEX and allows for good QSK response during the conversation for breaking in.


Ben Russell, N6SL, SK

I have sad news. Ben Russell, N6SL, passed away last week after a short illness. Ben was a devoted CW operator and a member of this group. He and I kept a sked for many decades using our old…Continue

Started by Joe Jun 9.

Video with text display of QRQ QSO: W5UXH - K6KX 1 Reply

I made a screen recording of a qso to demonstrate the serial interface between keyer / decoder of my ChipKit / PIC32 keyer.  Both sides of the qso are displayed.  The keyer switches the text color to…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Joe May 11.

Join the new skype group

https://join.skype.com/j0gEQRAWuRMgWe have created a skype group where we can chat about where to find a qrq cw fellow to chat with on the band…Continue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen Feb 22.

QSK linear amps... 1 Reply

Hi,hope it is no off-topic so much...Does anybody know if PA1000 amplifier from Juma has fully working, smooth QSK able to operate at QRQ please?I will be happy for comments and experiences from…Continue

Started by Petr Ourednik. Last reply by Joe Jan 16.

HNY2016 from OK1RP

Hi all,I wish the best, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2016! See you on the air CW quite often... Best 73 to all friends.Petr, OK1RPContinue

Started by Petr Ourednik Jan 1.

The "Crowing Rooster” CW QSO ending 8 Replies

Hi all,This is my 1st post here so I hope I'm doing this right...After looking on the internet for this subject with no luck, I crossed an email with an well known american veteran CW operator (his…Continue

Started by Artur Marcal. Last reply by Artur Marcal Apr 19.

DZKIT Sienna at 70 WPM 3 Replies

A few years ago I built a Sienna for K6KX (Fred), a long story that I will not go into.The past few days Fred has been testing it on our sked.  Tonight I did a recording that can be downloaded from…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Aug 6, 2015.

The Squeeze keyer

HI guysIn the good old days there was a danish keyer called THE SQUEEZE KEYER.They did use it in the navy and army and it is almost Iambic B but with only one DIT memory.It should give you a better…Continue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen May 27, 2015.

Combined Keyer / Keyboard / Decoder 8 Replies

This project began life a bit before Hjalmar posted his Arduino decoder project.  I had barely begun to migrate my keyer software to the ChipKit PIC32 boards (Max32 and Uno32) at that time.  I…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Jun 30.

iCW Question 1 Reply

Is it possible and/or acceptable to connect to iCW in listen-onlymode? I wouldn't want to create confusion by connecting andnot being able to respond if someone asks. I figure that I'm notready to…Continue

Started by Jim Johns. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Feb 26, 2015.

New member needs help seting up- Mac 1 Reply

Hello my name is Luka Sanader and am writing to you form Montreal, Canada. After 20 years (ex YT1VSL)i have decided to apply for new call sign and to go back to CW and amateur radio; get my feet wet…Continue

Started by Luka Sanader. Last reply by Chuck aa0hw Feb 25, 2015.

QRQ CW QSO with other cw ops over the internet - just using your browser

WebRTC technology enables transmission of full duplex audio over the internet - just using your browser - in this case we are going to use MORSE CODE AUDIO TONES instead of voice -Here is a free…Continue

Tags: morse code over the internet, WebRTC

Started by Chuck aa0hw Feb 14, 2015.

AGA Chevron again home

HiI am happy to let You know that my AGA Chevron paddle arrived back to home after some maintenance by Kevin, M0AGA and it seems that it works like champ again. I got two sets of different shapes…Continue

Started by Petr Ourednik Jan 11, 2015.

New here! 1 Reply

Just like to say thank you for having me here. At present I have only the Yeasu FT-60R , so no CW at present. Also active on HamSphere since no real antenna here. Learning CW, and hope to glean some…Continue

Started by David L. Green. Last reply by Wolf Dec 20, 2014.


Using SYNTHEDIT, http://www.synthedit.com/,I was able to make a VST plugin (VSTi plugin would be more accurate since it is a synthesizer…Continue

Tags: sine wave, vst, vsti, sine, plugin

Started by Chuck aa0hw. Last reply by Chuck aa0hw Jan 19, 2015.

Transmitter Noise

Jim, K9YC, has published a nice study of how well (or not well) our currently available transceivers stack up as far as noise while in CW mode. He is still modifying the .pdf file at…Continue

Started by Joe Sep 8, 2014.

CW decoder and arduino fun 4 Replies

HiIf anyone will have fun with a little simpel Arduino projekt, this is maby something for you. It is far more simpel that the one which are shown in the ARRL book so here you dont need the big…Continue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Sep 18, 2014.

Conversations with Vern, W9FAM 1 Reply

Just had a  40 meter, morning with coffee, QSO with Vern, W9FAM. Vern is a legend. HIs website is worth a peek if you do not believe me!Anyway, we were talking about QRQ, a passion for both of us.…Continue

Started by Joe. Last reply by Chuck aa0hw Aug 28, 2014.

Reporting RST 2 Replies

Hi guys,I have one quesion, how do You report RST? I mean if the noise background is e.g.  S3 on S-meter, and Your fellow's signal is S8 (on S-meter) You say (5)89 or (5)59 (netto s/n?).…Continue

Started by Chris SQ8LUV. Last reply by Chris SQ8LUV Sep 23, 2014.

QRQ CW SKEDS on facebook

https://www.facebook.com/groups/404992749646838/Just to do something there also ;0)HjalmarOZ1JHMContinue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen Feb 8, 2014.



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Chuck aa0hw replied to Chuck aa0hw's discussion DJ1YFK: FABIAN's famous high speed cw training program called "qrq" now has a windows version !
"Thanks Joe !  I have also just uploaded the TEXT file from Tom's article, after removing most of the superfluous punctuation marks...you can play this text file in FLdigi too, or use MIXXX to train after converting the text into cw tones…"
Jul 12
Joe replied to Chuck aa0hw's discussion DJ1YFK: FABIAN's famous high speed cw training program called "qrq" now has a windows version !
"Thanks, Chuck. I put it in my folder and made an mp3 file using Fldigi for my portable CD player! Joe W3GW"
Jul 12
Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH replied to Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH's discussion Combined Keyer / Keyboard / Decoder
"I never plan to sell them, but have ended up selling a couple per year in recent years.  I never seem to stop trying something different which means my shelf keeps filling up :) I ended up doing a second PCB that is a "basic keyer".…"
Jun 30
Jim Johns replied to Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH's discussion Combined Keyer / Keyboard / Decoder
"Chuck - Thanks for the pointer to the Fubarino SD. It has been a while since I checked into what's new at ChipKit. Ordered a couple from Microchip Direct and they are a nice, small form factor board. In your notes, you say; ". . . so the…"
Jun 30



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