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Tuned Ferrite Rod Loopstick ULF BAND(797hz) RX antenna to MIC JACK soundcard input: LIVE demo QRQ CW

this is a follow up from the first video here - https://youtu.be/pfWvh82Qh20

in this video....QRQ CW is being transmitted out on the ULF band at 797 hz and at 75 wpm to a small horizontal wire loop antenna @ about 30 watts from an audio amp/4 to 1…


Posted by Chuck aa0hw on January 5, 2021 at 12:00pm

Wireless CW Keyer - 40 khz LF Band TX/RX - using 2 High Q Ferrite Bobbin Core Inductor Coil Antennas

wireless transmission from the CW KEYER - keying a 555 at 40 Khz - to a wireless LF RF BAND software receiver - demod'N the 40 Khz CW Keyer LF BAND transmitter's CW

the TX and RX antenna are using a high Q , series/parallel resonated FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL - @2mH each - series and parallel resonating capacitors…


Posted by Chuck aa0hw on November 24, 2020 at 3:58pm — 1 Comment

CW Copy By Ear Practice - 22 separate signals from 20 wpm to 90 wpm - use your SDR APP to pick which one

22 individual CW software KEYBOARDs are sending a CW text file from 500 hertz up to 11Khz

separated individually by 500 hertz from one signal to another

to pick a CW SPEED/signal that you would like to copy by ear - use your SDR

- here is a quick example of doing that here with a…


Posted by Chuck aa0hw on November 20, 2020 at 3:19pm — 2 Comments

classic R-C exponential envelope VS Raised Cosine for QRQ CW - Listen and Vote - which do you prefer

60 wpm test - classic R-C exponential envelope VS Raised Cosine - for copying by ear - which do you prefer ?

NOTE: to get the RAISED COSINE edges from YPlog, its RISE/FALL time was set to zero and sent through this simple Gstreamer CW AUDIO BANDPASS filter…


Posted by Chuck aa0hw on November 18, 2020 at 11:00am



Please feel free to start any QRQcw topics or leave comments for the discussions already posted. You may also load pictures or videos relating to qrq cw operations. Thank you for your contributions.

N3ZNkeys.com website - see all of his latest CW KEYS

iCW - 2012 - How to send morse code over the internet on WINDOWS 7 : THE BASIC SETUP


Using Mumble( open source skype like voip program )and FLdigi to communicate morse code over the internet. LIVE RECORDING from 2009. [ Missouri to Michigan internet path ]

SETUP: using a virtual audio cable, we connect the output of FLDIGI to the input of MUMBLE. We both connect to a MUMBLE SERVER and instead of using MICROPHONES, we send morse code audio tones at high quality, high fidelity, and low latency, to each other. The audio is FULL DUPLEX and allows for good QSK response during the conversation for breaking in.


QRQ CW on mobile phone: suitable MIDI soundfonts? Experiences? 2 Replies

Hello all,As a fun project I was writing a CW player for my Iphone over Christmas. A text file is converted to MIDI, MIDI is played out as audio on the Iphone. I am using Apple's MIDI player…Continue

Tags: Soundfont, IoS, MIDI

Started by Gerd Groos. Last reply by Gerd Groos Jan 19, 2020.

Regenerative CW 3 Replies

Hi,I read with interest Joe KF7CX article about regenarative CW.I struggled a little bit to find out all about circuitry, but finally I think i have a good idea of how to build a complete interface.I…Continue

Started by F6EEQ. Last reply by F6EEQ Jan 2, 2020.

A-TRONIX Keyboards

Does anyone know anything about A-TRONIX keyboards?Joe W3GWContinue

Started by Joe Oct 13, 2019.

Wanted: proper AZERTY keyboard setting 2 Replies

In order to properly exercise, the standard keyboard should be altered.I am using a belgian AZERTY keyboard with the QRQ Application. (OS is Ubuntu 18.04.1)In order to type numbers I need to access…Continue

Started by Michel Spelier. Last reply by Michel Spelier Sep 14, 2018.

TAKE THE QRQ CW TEST - Which is better to copy - LINEAR or EXPONENTIAL raised cosine edges

an A / B test between Linear and Exponential QRQ CW audio tone waveformsWhich waveform do you think sounds best ?SETUP for this test: FLdigi is sending a text file at 71 wpm from TOM's famous article…Continue

Tags: morse code, raised cosine, QRQcw, qrq cw

Started by Chuck aa0hw Dec 8, 2017.

Tahrpup 6.0.6 live dvd remaster by i8cee full ham radio iCW for ever.....

Hi guys,my personal remaster of tahrpup  6.0.6 live cd now full ham radio software digital mode,  last qsstv , qtel(echolink),  wsjtx ft8 mode and of course iCW full working using fldigi keyboard,…Continue

Tags: software, digital

Started by i8cee -Salvatore Cecere Oct 27, 2017.

Get on the Air

I have enjoyed the recordings Chuck has made of the on the air QSOs of my fellow QRQ ops.Lets get more of you on the air with your keyboards. Many of us do not have internet connections that allow…Continue

Started by Joe Oct 10, 2017.

CW Code Sound plus Character Sound

======================= 00000000000000000000000 =====================I made all new files, this time .mp4 video files (punctuation and prosigns coming up). Added already.I hope these files help to…Continue

Started by Carlos (Kal) Lemmi Feb 5, 2017.

SDR online network

There is an interesting network of wideband receivers with close to 100 different sites that can be used for tuning the bands around the world.  HA7ILM,  András Retzler, operates a web site that…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Dec 28, 2016.

QRQ on the Air 1 Reply

I have been keeping on the air skeds with some old masters of QRQ for a while. I would encourage anyone interested in QRQ to get on the air with a like minded soul. While I do use my mp3 files and…Continue

Started by Joe. Last reply by Rich Langford Nov 29, 2016.

CW Letter Groups 1 Reply

I made this list of 97 common letter groups as an aid for learning mind copying.I appreciate your comments.CW Letter Groups…Continue

Tags: learning-cw, cw-mind-reading

Started by Carlos (Kal) Lemmi. Last reply by Joe Nov 16, 2016.

Ben Russell, N6SL, SK

I have sad news. Ben Russell, N6SL, passed away last week after a short illness. Ben was a devoted CW operator and a member of this group. He and I kept a sked for many decades using our old…Continue

Started by Joe Jun 9, 2016.

Video with text display of QRQ QSO: W5UXH - K6KX 1 Reply

I made a screen recording of a qso to demonstrate the serial interface between keyer / decoder of my ChipKit / PIC32 keyer.  Both sides of the qso are displayed.  The keyer switches the text color to…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Joe May 11, 2016.

Join the new skype group

https://join.skype.com/j0gEQRAWuRMgWe have created a skype group where we can chat about where to find a qrq cw fellow to chat with on the band…Continue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen Feb 22, 2016.

QSK linear amps... 1 Reply

Hi,hope it is no off-topic so much...Does anybody know if PA1000 amplifier from Juma has fully working, smooth QSK able to operate at QRQ please?I will be happy for comments and experiences from…Continue

Started by Petr Ourednik. Last reply by Joe Jan 16, 2016.

HNY2016 from OK1RP

Hi all,I wish the best, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2016! See you on the air CW quite often... Best 73 to all friends.Petr, OK1RPContinue

Started by Petr Ourednik Jan 1, 2016.

The "Crowing Rooster” CW QSO ending 8 Replies

Hi all,This is my 1st post here so I hope I'm doing this right...After looking on the internet for this subject with no luck, I crossed an email with an well known american veteran CW operator (his…Continue

Started by Artur Marcal. Last reply by Artur Marcal Apr 19, 2016.

DZKIT Sienna at 70 WPM 7 Replies

A few years ago I built a Sienna for K6KX (Fred), a long story that I will not go into.The past few days Fred has been testing it on our sked.  Tonight I did a recording that can be downloaded from…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Jun 23, 2020.

The Squeeze keyer

HI guysIn the good old days there was a danish keyer called THE SQUEEZE KEYER.They did use it in the navy and army and it is almost Iambic B but with only one DIT memory.It should give you a better…Continue

Started by Hjalmar Skovholm Hansen May 27, 2015.

Combined Keyer / Keyboard / Decoder 8 Replies

This project began life a bit before Hjalmar posted his Arduino decoder project.  I had barely begun to migrate my keyer software to the ChipKit PIC32 boards (Max32 and Uno32) at that time.  I…Continue

Started by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH. Last reply by Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH Jun 30, 2016.


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Tuned Ferrite Rod Loopstick ULF BAND(797hz) RX antenna to MIC JACK soundcard input: LIVE demo QRQ CW

this is a follow up from the first video here - https://youtu.be/pfWvh82Qh20in this video....QRQ CW is being transmitted out on the ULF band at 797 hz and at 75 wpm to a small horizontal wire loop antenna @ about 30 watts from an audio amp/4 to 1 balun...the TRANSMITTER is a raspberry pi 2b and its USB SOUND CARD LINE output to the AUDIO AMP's LINE INPUTAt the RECEIVE SITE - a FERRITE ROD LOOPSTICK TUNED ULF ANTENNA is connecting directly to the…See More
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