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This video demonstrates an A/B comparison of transmitting morse code audio tones over the internet using a NINJAM SERVER, where the CW audio quality is usually poor, with lots of pops and clicks...however, if you use the original audio from the output of the NINJAM CLIENT, and divert it first to a software APPLICATION in order to regenerate the original incoming tone into a new near "perfect" output tone... the cw audio tones sound pretty good

NOTE: NINJAM is an AUDIO OVER IP application that uses the ogg vorbis codec

NOTE: FLdigi is being used to send its cw audio tones over to the input of the 1st Ninjam Client transmitter(GREEN COLOR on the scope)...the 2nd Ninjam Client receiver(RED COLOR on the scope) is the one you are seeing on the oscilloscope and hearing the final audio output

this is just a visual(oscilloscope) and A/B audio example to show how well the cw regeneration does at cleaning up the original poor audio from the output of Ninjam http://www.cockos.com/ninjam/

uses Reaper to regenerate using 3 Reaper plugins

SEE other videos in this YouTube channel for more info
of CW REGENERATION techniques

FLdigi is using the RT CHANNEL QSK function in order to be able to trim 5.5 ms off of each element, then on the receiver's REAGATE PLUGIN, 5 ms are added to each element via REAGATES "HOLD" SETTING....this prevents micro dropouts from being heard in the regenerated cw audio

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on April 20, 2017 at 12:43pm

This is a picture showing the incredible accuracy of the CW REGENERATION software technique:

GREEN wave is the original 30 wpm DIT sent from a CSS555 tone generator circuit(with harsh harmonics/square wave etc...)(css555 timer tone generator circuit is keyed by an UltraPico Keyer)

RED wave is the newly REGENERATED cw DIT - recreated from the original CSS555 dit,  using Reaper/Reagate/Reasynth(Reasynth is a sine wave synthesizer set with zero rise/fall time)

RESULTS:  the RED DIT shows an exact replica of the GREEN DIT  in cw element length

here is the first PLUGIN in REAPER - called REAGATE - that measures the incoming waveform from the CSS555 sidetone generator circuit..the slider on the left with the GREEN VU is only measuring the level of volume at its input...the slider is set to just under the top of the GREEN VU lines...so it is only triggered by going over the volume threshold set by this control...once the volume is "over" the threshold settings of this control...and the SEND MIDI option is checkmarked ...then Reagate will send out a midi note according to the exact length of the original css555 sidetone element...making a perfect clone of the css555 cw note length

and then REAGATE issues a SEND MIDI NOTE - midi message - NOTE ON / NOTE OFF command - to the next plugin called  REASYNTH - which is a software sine wave synthesizer with adjustable RISE/FALL time(ATTACK & RELEASE), Reasynth also has adjustable CW PITCH(Tuning), and adjustable SIDETONE VOLUME, you can even mix in a bit of square, sawtooth &/or triangle wave forms with the REASYNTH SINE WAVE ...this may be helpful when using SPEAKERS...a little harmonics makes for less trouble with echo and ringing when using speakers in an open room where the sound can bounce around and cause issues with copying...

After changing the REASYNTH settings shown above,  for increasing the Reasynth controls for ATTACK and RELEASE  - from "0"ms   to   "5" ms for both...and sending another dit....here is what the newly created CW NOTE(dit) will look like(30wpm sent from the UltraPico Keyer keying the CSS555 chip...regenerated  etc...)

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on April 20, 2017 at 1:41pm

Here is a video test of how accurate CW REGENERATION is at 120 wpm

A TEST WAS performed with FLdigi sending cw at 120 wpm using text from W4BQF's famous article here:

NOTE: the audio you hear is only from the REGENERATED cw notes created by the ReaSynth plugin.

a software 2 channel oscilloscope measures the original length of the cw elements from FLdigi on TOP (GREEN)
and at the same time, compares the FLdigi's cw element length to the REGENERATED waveform from REAPER's plugins on bottom(RED)

very precise recreation of the original cw elements...even at 120 wpm ...REAPER's Reagate and Reasynth plugins do a great job of CLONING FLdigi's original CW ELEMENTs length(and wave shape too)


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