30Khz CW Transmitter using a Bipolar Tesla Coil Ferrite Core Antenna that has tuned resonance @30Khz

experimental BiPolar Tesla Coil with a large massive ferrite core, that resonates at 30Khz, to act as a CW transmitter antenna...

CW is sent from a CW KEYBOARD that can send directly at 30Khz, goes out of a sound card that has a sample rate of at least 96Khz...the 30Khz CW output goes to the audio input of a cheap class D audio amp(30 watts) and the output of the audio amp goes the primary winding of the bipolar tesla coil with large ferrite core...which is 3 turns on the primary.... the tesla coil is about a foot long with close windings of magnet wire, gauge #24

receive antenna is a ferrite rod loopstick antenna that is parallel tuned to 30Khz by an appropriate CAPacitor

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