CW AUDIO FILTER wars - The EngineersFilter - VS - MOD, CALF, & GLAME audio bandpass filters

Robin Schmidt's EngineersFilter is a remarkable software APP audio bandpass filter VST PLUGIN...this video demo shows a test to compare how well just ONE FILTER APP can take out all the harmonics of a harsh square wave CW SIDETONE...AND...output a MORSE CODE AUDIO NOTE waveform that looks the closest to a raised cosine edged CW TONE.

Engineers FILTER

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on December 4, 2017 at 10:31am

Here is another test running FLdigi and comparing it to the EngineersFilter Bessel audio bandpass filter:

short experiment to compare the ability of the EngineersFilter to filter out harmonics from an FLDIGI SIDETONE with zero rise and zero fall time and see how that looks and sounds compared to FLdigi by itself sending out its own raised cosine waveform at 10 milliseconds rise&fall time SCOPE WAVEFORM VIEW and AUDIO SPECTRUM ANALYZER VIEW Engineers FILTER


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