CW Copy Practice using a CW MIDI file & a variable speed MIDI player with The AD5DZ CW Keyer

brief demo using REAPER as a variable sped CW MIDI FILE PLAYER ...sending a text file that has been converted to a CW MIDI file by a CW TEXT to MIDI converter like Morse Midi or ehoCW

the VARIABLE SPEED on REAPER is excellent and the timing is very accurate at any speed you dial in
the AD5DZ CW KEYER has many CW parameter adjustments, like rise/fall time, cw pitch, volume, raise cosine window, to adjust the cw until it sounds "perfect" to you...

NOTE: Reaper has a MIDI OUTPUT that goes to the MIDI INPUT of the AD5DZ CW have to match the MIDI NOTE OUTPUT from the REAPER MIDI FILE output(you can use midisnoop to do that or some other midi data collector APP)to the MIDI NOTE Input setting o the AD5DZ CW keyer

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