Don't TRUST the ELECRAFT K3S transmit input monitor to accurately represent what is transmitted

here is a brief VIDEO to demo the problem with the K3S transmit input monitor when operating AFCW transmit MODE

brief demo showing the ELECRAFT K3S transmitting QRQ CW in FULL QSK with RX AUDIO between LETTERS...AND while you are listening to the K3S input TRANSMIT audio monitor - it sounds like everything is ok and working well...even while looking at the SCOPE see that every cw element is in perfect form, and the RX audio between the letters that are being sent is present and accounted for....
you monitor your transmit CW signal on a 2nd receiver...and to your horror, you hear that the K3S is actually missing cw elements all over the place...

- the K3S INPUT MONITOR can not to be trusted to accurately represent what you hear and think will be transmitted when sending QRQ CW in AFCW mode in FULL QSK


the PTT-RLS config setting for this video demo - is at ZERO

here is a snapshot of the delayed behavior of the K3S PTT circuit - with the PTT-RLS setting at ZERO --- PTT is still showing an additional, extra 12 milliseconds of further delay in closing


UPDATE: 12-17-2018...some email replies about these K3S qrq full qsk issues - from WAYNE of ELECRAFT:

"...8 ms is the shortest value of TX[RF] DELAY[on the K3S], so you have things set up correctly. "

"Any transceiver that uses DSP has what's called a "pipeline" delay associated with signal processing (filters, phase shifts, decimation, etc.). Typically this delay is about 15 to 20 ms depending on how filters are set up. Narrow filters take longer..."

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