encoding & encrypting text message QRQ CW Morse Code KEYING DATA onto & into a 60 hertz audio signal

the encoded QRQ CW DATA is inaudible & virtually undetectable all you hear is a low volume 60 hertz signal, until the ZAMGATE DECODER is used to extract & produce actual CW NOTEs from the embedded CW KEYING DATA attached to the 60 cycle hum signal stream..... this encoding/decoding method can be used LIVE or implanted in a "safe" audio file for sending life saving, soul saving, information to another, over ip, in a part of the world where it will be scrutinized by the 'STATE'

NOTE: the tones of 60 hz, 120hz 240 hertz et al etc... were the only frequencies of the PILOT TONE that worked - allowing embedded CW DATA to be attached and ENCODED and DECODED by ZAMGATE(sidechain mode) using such TINY increases in 60 hertz signal volumes relating to each CW ELEMENT that is encoded onto the 60 hz signal stream      


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