GST-RTSP-SERVER on PI4, keying a TWIN-T CPO + W3NQN Gaussian BP Filter, send L16 RTP cwAUDIO over IP

- testing a PI4 RTSP RTP L16 encoded server from GSTREAMER

- testing a homebrew'D TWIN-T CPO for its QRQ CW keying ability

- testing a custom build W3NQN GAUSSIAN bandpass filter to clean up the TWIN-T CPO's edge noise and harmonics

NOTE:    QRQ CW has a better sound reproduction using RTP L16 encoding verses the typical OPUS AUDIO encoding & bitrates     - another advantage of using RTP L16/gstreamer, is the ability to adjust the RX JITTER BUFFER to minimize audio glitches and network packet issues for more info on this special custom GAUSSIAN bandpass build

for filtering QRQ CW, from W3NQN, please see previous videos and their notes in their video descriptions:

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