Hasak CW Keyer: using a QRQ CW Keyboard APP with an audio derived keying circuit that keys the Hasak

test to see how well an audio derived cw keying circuit, like one of these:


can "key" the HASAK CW KEYER's straight key pins...and allow a software CW KEYBOARD to be used to "key" the HASAK CW KEYER https://github.com/recri/hasak

(the cw keyboard used in this example is from recri keyer)


since the HASAK CW KEYER has its own usb sound card built into the code/teensy board....the native laptop's sound card can be used to send cw audio at 6Khz to a simple circuit that can key the teensy hasak CW Keyer straight key pins...

for more info on the HASAK CW KEYER please see the previous videos here:




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