Homebrew QRQ CW audio LV2 bandpass filter example using a simple Gstreamer PIPELINE command

Brief example of showing the inclusion of an LV2 AUDIO FILTER chain into a Gstreamer PIPELINE

1. to discover what LV2 plugins Gstreamer "picks up" on your system.. run this command gst-inspect-1.0 | more
2. when you find the LV2 you want to incorporate into your Gstreamer pipeline run the inspect command again using the Gstreamer LV2 name of that plugin... here is what Gstreamer calls the lowpassfilter and highpassfilter from MOD on my Lubuntu PC


from the INSPECT COMMAND it looks like this
lv2: moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-LowPassFilter: LowPassFilter
lv2: moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-HighPassFilter: HighPassFilter

when you run the inspect command for the L2V plugin name it will give you the options you can use in the command structure

here is an example of one of the lv2's that i used:
Element Properties:
name : The name of the object
flags: readable, writable
String. Default: "moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-highpassfilter0"
parent : The parent of the object
flags: readable, writable
Object of type "GstObject"
qos : Handle Quality-of-Service events
flags: readable, writable
Boolean. Default: false
Freq : Freq
flags: readable, writable, controllable
Float. Range: 20 - 20000 Default: 600
Order : Order
flags: readable, writable, controllable
Enum "moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-HighPassFilterOrder" Default: 0, "1"
(0): 1 - 1
(1): 2 - 2
(2): 3 - 3

gst-launch-1.0 -v jackaudiosrc ! "audio/x-raw,channels=1,rate=48000" ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-HighPassFilter Freq=380 Order=2 ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-LowPassFilter Freq=980 Order=2 ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-HighPassFilter Freq=480 Order=2 ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-LowPassFilter Freq=880 Order=2 ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-HighPassFilter Freq=580 Order=2 ! moddevices-com-plugins-mod-devel-LowPassFilter Freq=780 Order=2 ! audioamplify amplification=2.33 ! jackaudiosink

MOD devices LV2 plugins

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