How To use CW REGENERATION to get better CW AUDIO TONE quality from echoLINK during ARRL CW PRACTICE

uses a CW REGENERATION method(s)

this example uses the ZamGate 2 channel SIDEchain gate an I/Q sine wave generator is placed on the holding bay ports of ZamGate...

the echolink CW AUDIO output from the ARRL CW echoLINK simulcast PRACTICE SESSIONs is used to trigger ZAMGATE's sidechain port, to get it to allow pass through of the I/Q sine wave that has been waiting on its 2 channel input ports...

NOTE: ZAMGATE has adjustable rise/fall times and weight(threshold) settings...the final sinewave shaped wave output of ZamGate goes to a final CW AUDIO I/Q BANDPASS FILTER and then to the headphones... I/Q cw oscillator & I/Q cw bandpass filter are from Recri Keyer CW Keyer:

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