Keying CW on the ELECRAFT K3S at 75 wpm and getting FULL QSK HF RECEIVE AUDIO between letters

Here is a video demo'N an experimental setup to key an ELECRAFT K3S at 75 wpm(FULL FAST QSK) so you are able to hear background HF RECEIVE audio between letters 

a test run using a setup using all LINUX FREE SOFTWARE to run REMOTE RIG OPERATIONS for QRQ CW at 75 wpm...trying to achieve good FULL QSK with RECEIVE HF AUDIO between letters at this speed...

is the typical full qsk mode using the CW JACK and qrq+ setting on this Elecraft K3S....there is no RECEIVE HF AUDIO between letters at 75 wpm....however, using this software method to key the rig ...keying the PTT ahead of the arriving CW TONE ...sending CW using A2 MODE ...AFCW... Receive HF AUDIO can now be heard between letters...
NOTE: (the k3s setting for PTT-RLS was set to ZERO in its config menu) using an audio derived PTT KEYING circuit

the PTT tone is sent first by the REMOTE OP's station to give the RIG time to close the PTT jack fully before the actual AFCW TONE arrives (audio OVER ip) then the actual CW AUDIO NOTE to be transmitted is sent...and goes into the RIG's TRANSMIT LINE INPUT jack and then out to RF etc

there are some interesting timing values that have to found are just a few..
- how long it takes the RIG's PTT to close (12 ms on my rig)
- how long over the local area network does it take for the TRANSMIT CW TONE to arrive at the RIG....the TONE has to be delayed 12 ms on this setup example to give the PTT TONE enough time to activate the PTT CIRCUIT and CLOSE IT all the way...getting the RIG ready to transmit any TRANSMIT AUDIO it hears on its LINE IN jack...

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