KF7CX designs a new high performance hardware circuit to regenerate QRQ CW from a live audio source or recording.

Joe, KF7CX,  has just released his new circuit design for making your own high performance cw regenerator:  KF7CX QRQ CW RENGERATOR CIRCUIT

 It will take a very harsh, raspy, noisy cw tone and recreate it into a near perfect sine wave shaped cw audio tone. Listen to this demo as he regenerates a very noisy, raspy, sidetone with background noise, hum and harmonics in it, into a near perfect sine wave shaped cw sidetone audio output.


Joe uses this hardware iCW INTERFACE for morse code over the internet qso's on iCW, but there are many more use case scenarios for using a CW REGENERATIVE DEVICE.

Here is a LIVE VIDEO of Joe using his iCW Interface:

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