QRQ CW Copy by Ear Practice - 11 CW Signals - speeds from 61 - 81 wpm - use an SDR APP to choose & listen

There are 11 CW signals to choose from,
each one at a different speed from 61 wpm to 81 wpm.

Use your own SDR APP on your own PC to scan each signal and choose the speed you would like to use for COPY BY EAR practice.

Use a Virtual audio cable as the YouTube browser playback device and set your SDR input to use the same VAC...

(on LINUX, you can use the built in virtual audio cable called alsa snd-aloop cable...by bringing it up in terminal, "sudo modprobe snd-aloop" then select in PAVUCONTROL for your browser to use that loopback cable as its audio output...and then in the PAVUCONTROL RECORDING TAB - for your SDR INPUT choose MONITOR OF LOOPBACK CABLE....


also on LINUX you can use a 2nd PULSEAUDIO jack-sink module to create a separate audio output for the YouTube/browser audio output...
"pacmd load-module module-jack-sink client_name=browserPLAYBACK"

Then select in PAVUCONTROL a different pulseaudio jacksink for the SDR OUTPUT...so the audio output of the YouTube browser pulseaudiojacksink - goes to the PulseAudioJACK-SOURCEmodule input..and then your SDR will pick up the full audio spectrum and all 11 cw signals and you can use your SDR to scan each signal, tune it in, decide on which CW pitch and how much volume and how tight the bandwidth you want... and try and copy..you can hit rewind on the YT controls to review missed words etc...)
here is a snapshot of that example: https://imgur.com/nFjBnG5

the text for this session was from a .txt ebook from:
The Project Gutenberg EBook of:
The Sign of the Four, by Arthur Conan Doyle

NOTE: your SDR APP needs to be able to use the PC sound card as its INPUT...

four SDR APPs that i that can use sound card input are:
1. SDRSharp aka SDR#
2. cubicSDR
3. SAQrx SDR

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