QRQ CW over SONOBUS using CARLA in MULTI-CLIENT Mode: key a 555, regen & filter for SonoBus sidetone

Brief Demo for sending QRQ CW over SONOBUS using KXstudio's Carla in "multiple clients" mode on a Raspberry Pi 4 SonoBus is also monitoring its input to be able to monitor the REGEN'd ZamGate CW sidetone in real time at near zero latency

a TLC555 is being keyed by FLdigi's serial port rts pin, TLC555 sending its audio output into the PI4's sound card's LINE INPUT...which triggers a sidechain GATE APP(ZamGate) to release a pure sine wave at its upper port to go through ZamGate and into a simple bandpass filter and then out to the input of sonobus, which is also set to monitor the filtered sidetone which you will hear on this video(audio cable from the PI's usb sound card line output to the laptop doing the recording, MIC INPUT and then into the screen recorder input... etc...

ZAMGATE passes a sine wave through its upper port AND it also places a RISE/FALL time on it in a trapezoid wave shape...then the GLAME BANDPASS filter smooths out the edges of the TRAPEZOID and makes it more like a RAISED COSINE CW NOTE... the ZAMGATE threshold setting will determine the WEIGHT of the CW NOTE - you can go lighter or heavier than what is heard on this video...

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on August 18, 2022 at 7:13am

QRQ CW over SonoBus - creating a "Pulled Bow" CW waveshape from a 555 BY SonoBus input Parametric EQ

this video is using the same setup as the previous video here: https://youtu.be/9xJg7GOZCgM

however in this video, instead of filtering the ZAMGATE CPO's output using the GLAME BANDPASS FILTER plugin, The SonoBus input PARAMETRIC EQ is used instead, and adjusted along with zamgate, to create a "PULLED BOW" cw note waveshape

FLdigi's serial port rts pin is keying a TLC555 whose output is sent into the Pi4's USB SOUND CARD's LINE INPUT... going into the TRIGGER PORT of ZAMGATE SIDECHAIN GATE plug...which is holding back a PURE SINE WAVE oscillator operating at 780 hertz... when the TRIGGER PORT is keyed by the TLC555, it passes the sine wave through ZAMGATE's upper port and into the input of SONOBUS and into the INPUT PARAMETRIC EQ ...then out of Sonobus to the Pi4's USB SOUND CARD headphone/line output over to the recording laptop's MIC INPUT(via audio cable)


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