QRQ Morse Code Audio over Mumble Voip - low bit rate(8k) experiment using the ZamGate CW RE-Keyer

this is a follow up to the first video about this topic:

to see how well this RE-KEYING SOFTWARE SYSTEM could RE-KEY low bit rate qrq cw audio over MUMBLE VOIP at 60 wpm

FROM 1st Video on this topic:

low bit rate experiment to see if the morse code audio tones that were being transmitted over Mumble on the iCW server, could be recovered from the CW OP transmitting with an 8k bit rate Mumble OPUS CODEC setting using the ZamGate CW RE-KEYER software APPs

the GREEN wave on top, is the original Morse Code "audio over mumble" with the mumble bit rate set to its lowest possible value = 8000

the RED WAVE is the "Q multiplier" circuit's waveform - used to extract as much as possible of the original 700 hertz tone from the CW OP transmitting CW AUDIO TONES over Mumble at the MUMBLE / OPUS CODEC = 8k bitrate

The blue wave is the output of the first ZamGate RE-KEYER at 1000 hertz used to provide a stable square wave keying input for the 2nd ZamGate RE-KEYER

The Pink Wave is the 2nd ZamGate CW RE-Keyer audio Morse Code Note output at 700 hertz

SLIDER TO THE LEFT= Original 8k bit cw audio tones over Mumble
SLIDER TO THE RIGHT= the 2nd ZamGate CW-RE-KEYER cw audio tone output

for more info on Morse Code Audio over Mumble - iCW see here:

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