QRQcw send/receive over ip test using the Jitsi Meet WebRTC App

end a text file from CWop1 over to CWop2, both using Jitsi Meet App for connecting online for a Morse Code audio QSO...turning off WEBCAM to save CPU usage and also using a specialized Jitsi Meet script that preserves the ORIGINAL CW AUDIO : https://meet.jit.si/CWnowROOM1#config.disableAP=true&config.dis... NOTE: this works similar to the ZOOM - "USE ORIGINAL AUDIO" function... and keeps the jitsi webrtc/browser default settings from using noise filtering and echo cancellation and AGC et al... which keeps the CW AUDIO NOTES as close as possible to what was originally sent... a text file is sent by CWop1 to CWop2 and the video recorder is listening to CWop2 and showing SPEC AN and SCOPE views of the received CW audio over Jitsi Meet... RESULTS - not one audio glitch was heard... and the scope and SPEC AN show remarkable preservation of the original CW AUDIO waveform and quality https://meet.jit.si/

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