QSO qrq CW with another CW OP over the internet using just a simple VST, LV2, or AU plugin called - Studio-Link

Short demo of a MORSE CODE AUDIO sidetone QSO over the internet between 2 CW OPS using the FREE LV2 plugin - STUDIO-LINK - https://sendegate.de/t/studio-link-pl... https://doku.studio-link.de/plugin/in... https://github.com/studio-link-v2/bac... pretty simple...once you bring up the VST, LV2 or AU PLUGIN called STUDIO-LINK, it automatically brings up your default browser, and shows you the VU METERS for input and output and gives you a unique ID...you share that ID with your fellow CWops and then just enter their id in the browser's Studio-Link call box...call them...they answer...QSO all you need is a VST host(WINDOWS), LV2 host(LINUX) or AU plugin host(MAC)

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