REMOTE RIG audio over ip test using the latest version of Jacktrip(1.2) - QRQ CW QSK test at 60 wpm

Jacktrip just came out with a new 1.2 has been under heavy development recently...!topic/jacktrip-users/8XahxQ92_XE this test was at 48K sample rate, 64 buffer frames, 4 periods...on both the REMOTE OP's PC and the RIG's PI 4, to try and achieve the lowest full duplex audio over ip latency possible...and see how it performs for MORSE CODE IAMBIC KEYING, STRAIGHT KEYING and CW KEYBOARD keying jacktrip at the settings above, gave 15 milliseconds LESS latency that when using zitaNJbridge....(however, a few audio glitches/dropouts were noticed running jacktrip at these settings...but not that often) so a bit of a trade off between - LOWER LATENCY verses perfect, no audio dropouts from buffer under/over runs(zitaNJbridge usually does not give audio glitches) the basic setup is as previous REMOTE RIG video setups using the RECRI KEYER AD5DZ CW KEYER software APPs

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