Remote Rig QRQ CW setup using Gstreamer, Laptop & Raspberry PI::RIG interface - LIVE CW QSO demo

brief demo of operating QRQ CW remote rig operations using an ELECRAFT K3S, a Raspberry PI 2b, a remote LINUX LUBUNTU 18.04 LAPTOP, and using Gstreamer PIPELINES for several functions:
1. audio over ip to and from the PI::RIG interface - full duplex
2. cw audio bandpass filter for transmit
3. PTT activation tone bandpass filter for transmit
4. 5 BAND EQ cw audio bandpass filter for receive
6. RECEIVE NOTCH FILTER to take out the 5555 hz tone from the
RIG's transmit audio input monitor audio coming back to
remote op's laptop

THE PI is using ALSA AUDIO ENGINE only and 1 Gstreamer script to SEND RIG AUDIO to the remote op and another Gstreamer script to RECEIVE audio from the REMOTE OP and send it to the RIG's LINE INPUT for transmit out on LSB on HF using AFCW Mode...the RIG has its own internal USB SOUND CARD which the PI is using as its own sound card...a direct audio cables needed...only a USB CABLE from the PI to the RIG's USB PORT on its back plate (K3S)

the AD5DZ CW KEYING apps on the REMOTE OP's desktop provide the CW SENDING function...CW KEYBOARD connects to a PTT app which delays the CW by 18 ms so that the 5555 hz tone has enough time to get the RIG's VOX PTT circuit to turn on FULLY before the CW NOTE arrives for transmit on the RIG's line input

download link

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