reVerse iMAGE CW digital Mode - reduce ur Transmit bandwidth by at least half

experimental setup to send CW by 'keying' SiLENT GAPS into a narrow band 1600 hertz audio sine wave carrier, for transmit via LINE INPUT of your RIG(LSB/USB)

TRANSMIT ENCODER - by REAGATE's ducking mode output of TX REAGATE goes into a narrow bandpass filter before going to the TRANSMIT line input of the RIG , REAGATE also induces a 15 ms rise/fall time into the SiLENT Gap representing each CW ELEMENT followed by the narrow band AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER before going to the RIG's line input. this is what reduces drastically the TX BANDWIDTH... a CW KEYER's audio output 'keys' this TX REAGATE's ducking input port, producing silent gaps into the 1600 hertz audio carrier wave on this TX regate's 1st port, thus representing each CW ELEMENT from the CW KEYER's output

RECEIVER DECODER - by REAGATE's ducking mode the output of the RIG goes to the DUCKING input PORT of this RX regate decoder... a sine wave at your desired CW PITCH is on the passthrough port of this RX regate... when the GAPs of NO SIGNAL, are detected by this RX REGATE's ducking port, it opens up the SINE WAVE CW SIGNAL on its 1st port, to pass through to your speakers/headphones etc, the GAP's represent the original CW elements from the reVerse iMAGE CW digital mode TRANSMITTER system

REAGATE is part of the free VST PLUGINS from REAPER's REAPLUGs

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