send Morse Code Audio over IP on Windows 10 using UltraGrid, Jackrouter & ehoCW

ehoCW is the CW keyer, since it can use JackRouter as its ASIO DRIVER and work in low latency on windows 10 using the windows version of JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT...UltraGrid 1.6, is the AUDIO OVER ip APP, and it has NATIVE JACK AUDIO support so you can hook ehoCW's audio output directly to the input of ULtraGrid and send it out over the internet to the RX(s) this video demoS sending a text file on ehoCW at 60 wpm and also using iambic paddles, via a Teensy USB midi board hooked up to the win 10 laptop's USB PORT - send the ultragrid CW stream over to a linux laptop receiver... which is the audio you hear on this video

ultragrid win 10 transmit terminal command:



uv --param low-latency-audio -r jack -s jack (ip address of the RX pc)

ultragrid linux receiver terminal command:


uv -r jack

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