Send QRQ CW Midi NOTE ON//NOTE OFF messages over iP using Gstreamer's ALSAMiDiSRC and FLUIDdec elements

TEST sending CW MiDi over iP using Gstreamer from 20 wpm to over 100 wpm

create a single SINE WAVE or a single CW AUDIO NOTE using Audacity save as a WAVE FILE...

import into Polyphone Soundfont Editer

EXPORT as a .sf2 file tell the gstreamer fluidDEC element to use that soundfont

NOTE: another option to be able to use a straight key, is to use a single cycle of a pure sine wave ...record via Audacity and import that into Polyphone S.E. (set to loop on Polyphone)

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 21, 2022 at 11:35am

Here is an example of 2 OPs sending and receiving Midi CW over ip using the method shown on the video above

see previous video for initial info on the setup for creating a unique cw soundfont with Polyphone Soundfont Editer:

In this video we use a ZEROtier network setup to send midi cw back and forth from one op to another:

(laptop to rapspberry Pi, rapsberry Pi to laptop)

the gstreamer receivers convert the incoming MiDi CW over ip to AUDIO CW output to the soundcard/headphones/speaker using the unique CW AUDIO SOUNDFONT created by Polyphone and the Gstreamer element called "FLUiDdec"


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