SonoBus + SMART PHONE - as a Morse Code, CW 'copy by ear' PRACTICE, 'audio over ip/WiFi' Receiver

demo of using an iphone as a QRQ CW SonoBus Receiver - to choose & listen to multiple CW TEXT files(up to 18 different text files) being sent by unixCW's CW program from a pi4 'audio over WiFi' Transmitter NOTE: SonoBus, in MULTI-CHANNEL input mode, can send 18 different, individual audio sources at the same time, and the iphone sonobus receiver can select any of those 18...


pi4 is using all 8 sub-channels of the alsa loopback cable(s) for unixCW's CW APP to send multiple, different, CW TEXT files at any speed and at any pitch you would like to listen to... and keeps repeating the text files until you close the terminal... here is an example script of one of the files: qrq@pi4b:~/Downloads/unixcw-3.5.1/src/cw $ while true; do (./cw -d hw:0,1,2 -f DeityofChrist.txt -w 60 -k 50 -t 800 -v 90); sleep 1; done

Gstreamer is used to capture the CW AUDIO on the alsa loopback sub-channel(s) and send it to one of the inputs of SonoBus's 18 input multi-channel input setup.... iphone selects on sonobus which one to listen to... here is an example of one of those Gstreamer scripts:


$ gst-launch-1.0 -v alsasrc device=hw:0,0,2 buffer-time=100000 ! "audio/x-raw, format=(string)S16LE, layout=(string)interleaved, rate=(int)48000, channels=(int)1" ! audioconvert ! jackaudiosink


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