The ZamGate high performance, software CW KEYER - demo at 90 wpm

this video briefly shows how the ZamGate CW Keyer produces excellent CW AUDIO TONES that are precisely and accurately timed, from a CW TONE audio signal input at the ZamGate input "SIDECHAIN" this case, the audio signal connecting to the ZamGate SIDECHAIN INPUT PORT is the rough, harsh audio output tone of YPLog(set to output a 5khz tone at zero rise/fall time)

ZamGate takes the audio output of YPLog and uses it to "key" its own internal pure sine wave, raised cosine shaped cw audio can make a perfect clone of the original cw element length or add or subtract time to it using the ZamGate controls(THRESHOLD) can adjust the rise and fall time of the cw note(attack & release) for hard or soft can adjust the high pass and low pass audio filters to reduce the cw element edge noise as much as you like... you can adjust the volume level of the ZamGate output CW tone and its CW pitch...(video is using 700 hertz)

a pure sine wave tone generator provides the "base" for the ZamGate CW KEYER on ZamGate's channel 1 input, the ZamGate Attack & Release controls adjust the rise and and fall times for the ZamGate output CW audio tone...the ZamGate Threshold adjusts the CW NOTE weight by time - for harder or software keying - as to your preference... ZamGate otherwise is a typical GATE plugin...where the signal on channel one is held back until the ZamGate threshold is triggered by a "set" amount of volume at its SIDECHAIN INPUT...once triggered the ZamGate will pass the audio through channel 1 and shape it according to the other controls of ZamGate as mentioned above...and keep passing the audio for as long as the original CW NOTE from YPLog(plus or minus according to the ZamGate THRESHOLD setting)

see here for more info on the ZamGate CW Keyer:

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on February 16, 2018 at 4:41pm

Here is a short Live demo of iambic paddles keying the ZamGate software CW Keyer on a laptop...

The ZamGate CW Keyer being keyed by iambic paddles on a laptop running Lubuntu 16.04

on this ZamGate software CW KEYER you can adjust:
1. cw pitch
2. volume
3. weight (by time)
4. rise time
5. fall time
6. edge noise removal(by how narrow or wide the LP HP filters are)

more info here:


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