Transmit QRQ CW on your RIG in AFCW MODE - some advantages and tips on getting it to work well for qrq sending

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One of the advantages of sending CW this way, is that you can send a very customized and optimized cw waveshape that has extremely low distortion and harmonic energy... extremely low key clicks, and a very pleasant sound for the CW NOTE as compared to many rigs where you can not adjust the rise/fall time or the type of it R/C exponential, or raised cosine...  

NOTE:  at qrq cw speeds above 70 wpm, and especially over 100,  the edge noise generated by even the best raised cosine waveshape with 8 ms rise/fall time...will still create lots of edge - from the percussive effect of the qrq impacts on the start of each element...HOWEVER,  passing the 8 ms raised cosine waveform through a CW AUDIO bandpass filter FIRST, before going to the RIG for transmit, will lower that edge noise to almost the combination of the ideal waveshape, RISE/FALL TIME,  and an appropriate final audio bandpass filter, will create a CW NOTE that is far beyond what can be achieved by most of the commercial RIGs used for transmitting CW...when you transmit CW using AFCW MODE(a2 mode) if every precaution and tip that is described in the 6 videos above is followed...

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