Tuned Ferrite Rod Loopstick ULF BAND(797hz) RX antenna to MIC JACK soundcard input: LIVE demo QRQ CW

this is a follow up from the first video here - https://youtu.be/pfWvh82Qh20

in this video....QRQ CW is being transmitted out on the ULF band at 797 hz and at 75 wpm to a small horizontal wire loop antenna @ about 30 watts from an audio amp/4 to 1 balun...

the TRANSMITTER is a raspberry pi 2b and its USB SOUND CARD LINE output to the AUDIO AMP's LINE INPUT

At the RECEIVE SITE - a FERRITE ROD LOOPSTICK TUNED ULF ANTENNA is connecting directly to the LAPTOP's MIC INPUT jack....

two apps are used to reduce the NOISE, STATIC, and 60 CYCLE HUM that the antenna picks up the NOISE REPELLENT LV2 PLUGIN - https://github.com/lucianodato/noise-repellent

and a simple HIGH PASS FILTER preceding the noise filter the HPF reduces the low freq hum and noise before it goes to the noise filter, the NOISE FILTER reduces almost to ZERO the amount of ELF,ULF, and VLF background static, birdies, emf from the house wiring etc...

Vlevel app is used to provide some AVC/AGC/Limiting http://vlevel.sourceforge.net/about/

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