TWQRQ : A new software cw keyboard from WA0EIR

WA0EIR has released a beta version of his new software cw keyboard for LINUX called  TWQRQ.

  Here is a short demo of TWQRQ sending a qrq cw file at 75 wpm.

- demo of WA0EIR's new beta software cw keyboard for LINUX - sending a qrq cw file made from w4bqf's famous article, COPYING CW OVER 70 WPM.

for more info on this cw keyer or to contact TED for a copy - see:

TWQRQ can send over 100 wpm, with adjustable RISE/FALL time,
adjustable WEIGHT BY TIME, and adjustable WEIGHT BY % - ratio.

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on July 8, 2017 at 11:04am

Here is another video demo of using WA0EIR's TWQRQ QRQ Linux CW KEYBOARD at 120 wpm,  showing some significant advantages of being able to customize TWQRQ's cw timings settings - to tweak it for better, more accurate,  QRQcw copy: 

This video demo's using TWQRQ, and adjusting its cw timing settings, in order to achieve better copy; listening to a cw file being sent at 120 wpm. (text file from TOM's famous article):

TWQRQ: for linux (uses PULSEAUDIO)

note: if you are interested in trying TWQRQ , please write to TED, wa0eir, and ask for a copy of "TWQRQ 0.9" version...

NOTE: the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT is being used in this example, to route all the audio connections. see screenshot here:


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