unixCW sending CW @30kHZ on VLF BAND using ALSA LOOPBACK cables - TX/RX demo using FERRiTE ANTENNAS

UNiXcw using this script to keep the TEXT FiLE to CW sending on an auto-repeating endless cycle, (until you hold CTRL/c down until it stops) qrq@qrq:~/Downloads/unixcw-3.6.0/src/cw$ while true; do (./cw -d hw:1,1,1 -f teslalecture1.txt -w 60 -k 50 -t 30000 -v 90); sleep 1; done


PC sound card(96Khz sample rate) SDR is used to down-convert the 30Khz to CW audio at 760hz(adjustable) https://github.com/recri/keyer

UNiXcw's raised cosine window = hanning *to convert it to EXPONENTIAL, Trigger-Midi-Mono was used to key a 2nd CPO from RECRI KEYER at 30Khz on the VLF BAND https://lsp-plug.in/?page=manuals&section=trigger_midi_mono

TX ANTENNA = large ferrite rod loopstick antenna, primary windings = 30 turns, 2ndary = 300 turns input to FERRiTE ANTENNA is series tuned bya CAP for MAX output signal at 30Khz, 2ndary is tuned by a parallel CAP

RX ANTENNA large ferrite rod loopstick antenna tuned by parallel CAP for max signal CAPTURE from TX signal at 30Khz and connects to line input of 96Khz sample rate USB SOUND CARD

TO CAPTURE the 30kHZ cw SIGNAL from unixCW sending on alsa loopback cable hw:1,1,1 Gstreamer is used to create a port output for that unixCW 30Khz signal using alsa loopback hw:1,0,1 Gstreamer output goes to the input of TRIGGER MIDI MONO, output of TMM goes to RECRI KEYER's CW CPO CW KEYER app....output of CPO goes to LINE OUTPUT and to input of TX antenna

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