usE a FERRiTE TOROiD stepUP Transformer with a 32Khz sinewave to interface your Straight Key T UR PC

uses REAGATE GATE app to trigger a midi note output from the straight key 32Khz signal input to a sound card line input, output of REAGATE app sends a CW MIDI NOTE to key the RECRI KEYER's CW KEYER module

NOTE: this recri keyer cw keyer module normally is used for iambic keying, using 2 different midi note outputs, however it can also be used as a STRAIGHT KEY only, using just one midi note output/input, midi note "0"

the TOROID(43) step up transformer provides good isolation from GROUND LOOPs and from CAPACiTiVE COUPLiNG issues from soundcard OUTPUTs & inputS which would otherwise distort the keyed 32khz sine wave SQUARE BLOCKS created by the STRAiGHT KEY sending

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