VB-AUDIO's Spectralissime Spectrum Analyzer on Linux - demo using FLdigi's CW wave shaping controls

VB-AUDIO's Spectralissime is working perfectly on LINUX LUBUNTU 16.04 using W.I.N.E and the WINEasio driver for JackRouter.  This is a windows program and this demo would also apply to a windows install of this excellent software audio spectrum analyzer.  This video below,  is a brief demo showing the spectrum readout of FLdigi sending cw at 40 wpm and varying the rise/fall time and toggling on & off - FLdigi's own unique and powerful CW bandpass filter


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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on February 3, 2018 at 11:44am

Here is a brief demo of VB-AUDIO's Spectralissime spectrum analyzer being used to help visualize and adjust audio dsp bandpass filter plugins :

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on February 3, 2018 at 12:28pm

Here is another "very useful for HAM's" feature using SPECTRALISSIME as a ZERO-BEATing - cw spotting tool....Spectralissime can analyze the peak audio of the incoming cw tones, and print out on its GUI SCREEN, the exact digital readout of that pitch...making it much easier to center tune audio cw bandpass filters and zero-beat your transmit cw pitch to the receive cw pitch -  if you already know the exact frequency of what you are hearing from your MORSE CODE HF receive audio cw tones...


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