VLF Receiver - using the KK7B High Performance Direct Conversion Receiver & sound card SDR LO signal


Brief demo of the KK7B High Performance Direct Conversion Receiver on the VLF BAND - 16Khz CW ....using the KK7B -1 KHZ - on board - CW audio filter kk7b antenna = ferrite rod loopstick antenna kk7b LO = sound card SDR audio output into the KK7B mixer LO port at 16.7Khz to mix with the 16Khz Transmitter's CW signal and produce a cw note around 700 hertz from the KK7B R1 DC receiver's SPEAKER JACK

the audio you hear is from the headphone//speaker jack of this KK7B Receiver - goes to both a SPEAKER & an isolation transformer, with the transformer connecting to the LAPTOP's MIC INPUT jack - for recording the output of the KK7B's speaker jack into this VIDEO DEMO...

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