I had no idea until I started following AA0HW's blog that QRQ CW had such a history. My previous efforts were aimed at enjoying CW and working on my 40 wpm code proficiency sticker by copying the W1AW Qualifying Runs each month. I was really unaware of operators carrying on ragchews at 70 wpm. I wonder if it would be worth while writing an article for QST about QRQ CW?

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Wayne Green talks about Harry Lewis
Wayne says Harry will give you $1000 bucks if you can copy faster than him...
Article attached in PDF format
FROM: http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2005/08/09/4/?nc=1

Mentor/Instructor of the Year co-winner Harry Lewis,
W7JWJ Harry Lewis(left) receives his plaque from
ARRL Northwestern Division Director Greg Milnes, W7OZ.

Lewis is one of the CCE program's pioneer mentor/instructors,
Miller said. "Harry spends much of his day responding to students,
reviewing their activities and drawing upon a lifetime of learning to
assure the best learning experience for every student, regardless
of what the course topic is," he commented.
"In addition to the ARRL Emergency Communications courses,
he actively mentors nearly all of our technical courses."
FROM: http://lists.contesting.com/_towertalk/2001-10/msg00457.html
Harry holds the
CW record of over 75 WPM. They claimed "he had an error in the text with an
extra "e". He challenged them and they found an extra e (a dit) in the text.
Detecting an extra dit in text at 75 WPM is incredible. k7gco

FROM: http://www.qcwa.org/w7jwj.htm

Harry W Lewis - W7JWJ
Seattle, WA
QCWA # 5305

First licensed in 1941 in Washington state. Life memebr of ARRL and QCWA. In 1993 servered as Chairman of Chapter 4 and elected to a seond term in 1996. Currently serving as ARRL Section Manager Western Washington. His XYL is Mary, W7QGP, past ARRL Director and currently Sec/Tres QCWA Chapter 4.

Harry's engineering career was in radio and TV broadcasting plus 6 years as an electroninc vocational instructor. He taught Amateur radio classes evenings for 48 years with over 4000 graduates. He won 36 Morse Code contests, four in excess of 75 WPM.

April 1, 1998


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