I have been enjoying using FLdigi and RUFz to increase my speed. I use RUFz to practice the 3000 common words and copy text to FLdigi to work on my comprehension. I am planning on spending a month in Prescott, Arizona, early next year as part of my work. How could I make a recording of a large text file at say, 50 wpm, and copy it to a CD to take along so I could stay in practice using the CD and my Walkman. Chuck Adams sells CDs of books translated into Morse but he doesn't have any at 50 wpm. He uses a Linux program he composed himself, I believe. Is there a way to do this myself using the available text to sound programs currently available on the internet?... Joe KH6/W3GW

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The above link will take you to a free program that will let you make your own morse code audio mp3's from ebooks or text files.
Here is their description from the site:
"ebook2cw is a command line program (optional GUI available) which converts a plain text (ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8) ebook to morse code MP3 files. It works on several platforms, including Windows and Linux."

Here is what the download section looks like on the site:

For windows version: Download both the exe file and the GUI file.


Bring up the exe file first and it should look something like this:

Then bring up the GUI file and it should look something like this:

The "additional parameters" tab will allow you to set many different aspects of how the morse code sounds. The website explains each additional code that you may enter into this section.

Once you have the finished product all you have to do is burn it to a cd. However, your "player" will have to be able to play mp3's. If your cd player will only play wave files,
then you will have to convert this mp3 to a wave file. I have not tried that yet, but I have made few mp3's with this program and it sounds pretty good and saves a lot of time.
Thanks Chuck. I have huge gaps in my computer savvy. Is there a good 'Dos for dummies' internet site for those of us who are rusty dealing with command line programs. Also, how do I get the GUI program open?
You can right click on :
ebook2cw.exe and select SAVE AS and download to the desktop

right click on:
ebook2cwgui.exe and select SAVE AS and download to the desktop

all you have to do is

1. double click on the first file ...a window may pop up...select RUN... this brings up a command
window but you don't have to put anything into it at all; it just needs to be up and running first before you bring up the GUI program

2. double click on the second file ...a window may pop up ...select RUN... this brings up the GUI

All you have to do then is fill in the top two blanks on the GUI by hitting the tabs on the right
and tell the program where to find the text file or ebook and where to place the finished product when it gets done processing the text to audio...adjust the cw parameters to your specs and hit CONVERT

I will try and get a video up on how to do this...
The video is perfect. I still use Windows 98 and it did not allow me to open the GUI program. I was able to open the program with my Windows XP computer and have made some nice CW CDs using A Tale of Two Cities from Project Guttenberg and DJ1YFK's program. Just one more example of my need to upgrade my operating system!. I just might try Linux rather than upgrading to Windows XP. Chuck Adams website has a nice introduction to Linux. I retire in Jan09 and will have more time to devote to the things that matter in life, like QRQcw, my computer, and ham radio in general. Oh by the way, the cw over the internet file sounds great out here on Maui...Joe KH6/W3GW
HERE is an MP3 AUDIO example of the same text file
created with EBOOK2CW (using standard default settings)
being sent at 40 wpm, 50 wpm, and 60 wpm
They sound great out here, Chuck. I have been using texts from Project Gutenburg to burn CDs of classic books and playing the CDs at work when I have a spare moment. I use Rufz with good success at 55 wpm but I need text to work on my comprehension and the ebook2cw program fits the bill perfectly. My typing speed seems to be my biggest problem. I can't seem to get above 45 wpm typing and that's with too many errors. I am hoping to get up to 60 wpm, both typing and comprehension, by the time the sunspots return so I can get on the air.
Here are some more sites on the WEB for free Ebooks from:

Here is a great sounding variable speed audio player for playing your homemade QRQcw mp3 files.
Download the BETA VERSION 1.3.9 HERE: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

The variable speed slider is highlighted here:

Just load any QRQcw mp3 file into Audacity. Adjust the slider until you hear the speed that you desire. The pitch will change according to the speed. If you want to keep the same pitch and just change the speed, you are still able to do that with the menu options...it just takes longer to set up. The audio quality of the variable speed is the best that I have heard so far in any variable speed media player that I have tested.


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