I am looking forward to the new sunspot cycle as are all of us. I have spent the last year finishing my Hawaii WAS, which for me was a real challenge considering my need to rely on an attic loop. Luckily my home here on Maui is on a slight grade facing the east. But still getting those east coast states was challenging. There were many days spent listening to static so plenty of time to get my code speed up using Rufz and ebook2cw for practice. Well, we are starting to see some spots and not just old cycle but new cycle spots. I started wondering just how I was going to send keyboard CW using my Ten Tec Omni D and my outdated computer running Windows 98. Well, some scrounging in the garage yielded my old Apple II and a MFJ-1278 data controller. The Apple II fired right up (luckily not literally). I loaded a terminal program called Spectrum and connected the MFJ. With a little fiddling I got it to provide a solid state keyed output up to 99 wpm. A bit old fashioned but now I am ready to test out my new skills as soon as the sunspots oblige! I will have to try to set up some schedules with you all. The 40 meter net meets when we are still in daylight here on Maui. My goal is to upgrade the computer operating system so I can run FLdigi but for now its the Apple II and a near 20 year old data controller!

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Hi, Joe!

Why woul wait until sun spot improove?
There is a great program called CQ100, so you should just give it a try
cuz there is a few great cw ops, no qrm qrn etc and 90 days free then goes for 32 bucks for a year.

Unfortunately i don't understand why others (more hams) don't use this.

Some say it's not real ham radio, but hey what is real ham radio anyway.
I think everything is ham radio whatever includes a callsign in it.

Just try it you wont loose none

73/DX HA7AP Imi


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