I have heard that the new rigs are not the best for sending high speed CW with full QSK. What rigs are best for sending high speed CW with full QSK? I understand the older TenTec rigs are better in this regard than the newer rigs with microprocessors. What makes the older rigs better? Were any of the older vacuum tube rigs capable of full QSK at high speeds? What kind of circuitry is needed for full QSK with solid state and vacuum tube technology. I was thinking of raiding my junkbox to see if I could put together a better rig for QRQ CW with full QSK than those currently on the market.

Joe KH6/W3GW

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provide by n9zia  HERE

Interesting stuff. My friend, Ben N6SL, in Ocala, meets with Lyle, W9FCX, weekly on either the SOWP or QCWA CW net on 40 meters. I told Ben of my plan to do some part time work in Beatrice, Nebraska, in October. Beatrice is a few miles east of Lyle's QTH. Ben suggested I get in touch with Lyle while I am in Nebraska. I would love to see those amplifiers and get his thoughts on QSK. I always bring my portable W7EL 40 meter 2 watter, described in August 1980 QST, when I travel so maybe I will get a chance to chat with Lyle on the air.
Here is the circuit TOM is talking about and that LYLE is using and a few others.
It was designed by the late (SK) JIM MILES k5cx:

I spoke to JIM on the phone(in the early 90's I believe) at length about this circuit and his other HOMEBREWed RF equipment. Jim told me that he only used his own HOMEbuilt gear, that he considered his designs to be superior to any commercial gear, and that he had the test gear to prove it. He was not fond of PIN DIODES in any way shape or form and spent a great deal of time in researching the best alternatives and the best circuits to implement FULL QSK at FULL LEGAL LIMIT POWER.
Jim was very happy with the performance of this FULL QSK circuit he designed.
Below are some snapshots from the papers that he sent to me.
A PDF file of these circuits is available for viewing in the attachment below

Tom, Just read your comments on the new microprocessor rigs versus QSK, and I have just begun my QRQ inprovement as I'm a new CFO member but had to comment that I traded off a Ten Tec Orion 2 for a Omni 6 plus (/option 3) with all filters and its SUPER on QRQ cw with silky-smooth QSK!!. The Orion wasn't even close to that performance for CW crispness, That's my opinion and I have been a CW only op for about 45 years now!. I really believe that some these newer rigs with state-of-the-art bells & whistles don't hack it! for proper QRQ cw., ..
73 'Dave,aa3ej CFO 1014,
They call it the QSK-MASTER

Eham has a review on the QSK-MASTER here:

looks like everyone has given it top ratings 5/5
AD5X has written up a great article on his design of an external QSK SWITCH:

AD5X also has an article in June 2009 QST, on page 47, describing a QSK Switch he designed that does away with the vacuum relay and uses inexpensive, parallel PC relays to handle high current. I was thinking of adding a AL-881H amplifier to my old Omni D and use this circuit for QSK. I have some concerns about the relay timing given the risk of 'hot switching' if the delays are not right. I have heard criticisms of vacuum relay QSK units. The relays are supposed to wear out and are noisy. Any thoughts?
I meant the AL-811H amplfier by Amertron. Also AD5X has an impressive website at http://www.ad5x.com with a listing of all his articles. I am continually amazed at just how many creative people we have in our hobby.


Here is another HOME BREWER that has made his own QSK CIRCUIT...

w6jl on his QRZ LISTING has all the info there....

Click to enlarge...

His whole station is HOME BREW...excellent work !

A similar discussion on the ham radio AMPS discussion:



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