I have heard that the new rigs are not the best for sending high speed CW with full QSK. What rigs are best for sending high speed CW with full QSK? I understand the older TenTec rigs are better in this regard than the newer rigs with microprocessors. What makes the older rigs better? Were any of the older vacuum tube rigs capable of full QSK at high speeds? What kind of circuitry is needed for full QSK with solid state and vacuum tube technology. I was thinking of raiding my junkbox to see if I could put together a better rig for QRQ CW with full QSK than those currently on the market.

Joe KH6/W3GW

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And of course, you have to provide tiered timing control for the various steps 

Here is one example FROM:  QSK TIMING CIRCUIT

Hi, the K3S from Elecraft looks good for QRQ. I am using also Omni V.4 and it works great for standard speeds around 50wpm... Petr


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