This is a little off-topic, but I found it interesting...

No, this is not amateur FM... this is commerical FM. HD-FM even. Take a listen at the opening of the Glen Beck Show on the radio (found here in St Louis on 97.1 at 13:06 weekdays). For his opening, he sends CW along with some other oscillator swishing sounds (typical hollywood) and then then fades followed by an announcer voice. They tone is pretty good, but I found what is being sent is mostly garbage plus a couple non-intl morse "characters" of only 4 elements.

Copy as follows:

BC (then the 4 element dit-dit-dah-dah - maybe IM?) TA0WBC 031950 (then the IM again) OF RISORE WATERR

I only got a couple what look like words. Perhaps, someone would verify or clarify what I wrote down? I thought I would contact Beck and send him a wave file using the same tone/speed/length but actually say something! :-) Or maybe some QRQ which would allow more text, but then the masses would not recognize it as code. :-(

Looking forward to any comments.


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I bet he would get a kick out of it. I remember Walter Winchell, a billion years ago, used to hit a bug in between news articles on the radio. There are pictures of him with bugs on the desk he used while doing his radio show.


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