DJ1YFK: FABIAN's famous high speed cw training program called "qrq" now has a windows version !




Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK 

has now provided a windows version of his famous high speed cw training program called             "QRQ"




















A special version of FABIAN's QRQ program which

has all the ENGLISH word files included is here:


 [download and unzip this file, open the new qrq folder and find the qrq.exe file. Double click on qrq.exe to activate the program.  This 0.2.1 version does not "install",  it just "runs" in a terminal command box.] 


"QRQ's"  new features allow unlimited repeats of the last word that was sent,  setting the pitch, rise/fall time, and fixed cw speeds...

making FABIAN's "QRQ" absolutely one of the best ever !

high speed cw training programs for QRQcw ops wanting to 

improve their qrq copy speeds by practicing and listening to

"whole word sounds" increasing your cw vocabulary with the goal of achieving "instant", "effortless" recognition of most of 

the common words in English(or any other language of choice)

to such a level of comprehension and speed that you would consider morse code as your second language. 

English word lists are included in this "edited" version...

(17 English word lists, and 2 cw English abbreviation lists)

- just download from the link above
- unzip
- open the new qrq folder and search for a file called qrq.exe
- double click on qrq.exe
- hit ENTER to move to the next screen...
- hit F5 to change the settings (how to change the settings is described on the right side of this screen)
- hit F2 to save the settings
- hit F10 to go back to the first screen.
  (F3 also works to go back to the first screen)
- hit ENTER to start sending words...
- hit F6 as often as you desire to repeat the last word sent...

when you can easily copy the word in your head....just hit enter and go to the next word...


if after a few attempts at the current speed 

you still are not copying, hit PAGE DOWN to lower the speed until
you do copy the word...then slowly raise the sending speed back up
by hitting PAGE UP and keep hitting F6 to repeat the word again
and again until you are back up to the original speed... then hit
ENTER to send the next word.

I recommend for you to copy in your mind first instead of just typing in your answer...
it is a known "bug" that in training with cw, if you just start typing in your answer, you may bypass your understanding of the word and just go straight to typing out the word ...


- hitting PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN  changes the speed of the sending at any time during the session...


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Fabian just released a brand new version of qrq for windows.

Get it here on his website here:  FABIAN'S QRQ PROGRAM


THAT IS ATTACHED IN THIS POST....(only one file -  English most common 3000 words - is included in the official

release of this program)  the attached zip file contains that one plus that same file divided into

smaller files(15 files) of around 150 words per file...also a file of over 6000 of the most common English words,

and 2 files of the most common cw abbreviations...

Just download , unzip,  and place all these .qcb word files in the windows qrq folder in:

windows ...program files/qrq  folder...


Very nice. Victoria did the Icon!

Joe KH6/W3GW

I am still having trouble making my own word files for the Windows version of 'QRQ'. Lets say I want to make a file of 100 common words from the Fog net or iCW net. How do I make the '.qcb' files to insert in the XP Program Files folder for 'QRQ' so the new file appears as one I can select when I open 'QRQ' and hit 'd' to select the new file?

Joe W3GW

Ok, now I got it. I had to click on 'My Computer', go to Tools and find 'Folder Options'. I then clicked on 'View' and looked for 'Hide extensions for known file types'. I unchecked it and than clicked 'Apply to all Folders so that extensions are always visible for all files. I then changed the .txt to .qcb and voila I was able to drag the new .qcb file to the QRQ folder. If you can't find the QRQ folder but have a desktop shortcut just right click on the shortcut icon and select 'properties' and then click 'find target' and QRQ folder should appear. Simple stuff for most, but this might be helpful for those of us who grew up with slide rules.

I used this to create a file called '100 common words'. Run it at 65 wpm with 'QRQ' program and see how many you get. It really helped me to nail these 100 common words so I could concentrate on the less familiar and longer words. Just remember when making your word files to not repeat words, remove all punctuation, and view finished file by hitting 'select all' to make sure you have no spaces before or after words.


Joe W3GW 






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